ONYX Tester
ONYX Tester - alternator starter test bench

Smart Tester for
12/24V alternator
and starter
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TITANE TesterTITANE vignette

300A Heavy-Duty
Tester for 12/24V
alternators &
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Heavy-Duty TesterTOPAZ Heavy-Duty Tester alternator starter TMA

End of production
Replaced by
in 2014
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Desk TesterOPAL DeskTester alternator starter TMA

End of production
Replaced by
the ONYX Tester
in 2013.
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of Alternators
Versions of 2016
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TMA : A few words...

Based on its 30 years experience and its large industrial skills, TMA has developed, manufactured and marketed automatic test benches for 12/24V alternators & starters since 2008. These test equipments, equipped with the next generation technology, offer a complete, reliable and innovative solution to automotive industry professionals :

  • Manufacturers and remanufacturers
  • Spare parts wholesalers / distributors
  • Automotive electricians
  • Car workhshop
  • Training organizations

Integrated in the group INTITEK, TMA is entered a broad R&D program in order to develop their products at the same time as the market, and in response to the customers need.



    Article salon Francfort 2016

    AUTOMECHANIKA Frankfurt ended on September 17, 2016, but positive effects are still coming in.

    TMA has once again demonstrated during the five-day trade show that the massive investment in R & D for several years has not been in vain. Indeed, the substantial upgrades in the ONYX and TITANE test benches have attracted many visitors and have allowed TMA to gain new market shares.

    This week of meetings, exchanges in high spirits led repeatedly to the signing of purchase orders and closing of contracts with strong potential.


  • TMA EXHIBITS AT BIRMINGHAM AUTOMECHANIKA 2016: A first edition that exceeded the expected results

    Article salon Birmingham 2016

    The first edition of Automechanika in Birmingham was a gamble for the organizers but also for TMA; at the end it turned out positive in any point of view. The trade show held from June 7 to 9 2016, exceeded all expectations in number of visitors.

    This is the first time TMA has participated in this trade show as an exhibitor in the UK, confirming its leading position in the European market of alternator/starter test benches with its ONYX Tester and TITANE Tester.

    This unprecedented participation was highly appreciated by visitors who have seen important developments offered by TMA on its machines. Business deals transacted during this event perfectly summarize the increased receptivity by auto professionals and the innovative solutions offered by TMA.


  • INTITEK-TMA and its test benches ONYX / TITANE: an ambitious and controlled global expansion strategy

    Carte expansion internationale TMA

    Since the launch of the first generation of alternator/starter test benches in 2007, TMA has continuously developed its products and expand its customer base. The merge with Intitek Group in 2011 has definitely propelled the business internationally, particularly with the development of the new test benches ONYX and TITANE but also with the implementation of an ambitious business strategy.

  • Intitek-TMA present in the in the Balkans at the show in Zagreb...

    Article partenariat Rondo Zagreb2

    New advance in the expansion strategy of ONYX and TITANE Test benches in the world market: TMA has honored its distribution agreement with its local partner in presenting its machines at the car show in Zagreb (Croatia) which was held from the  April 5-10, 2016.

    This major event was an opportunity to confirm the strategic choice of partner, and major player for many years in this region of Europe. Local visitors have also shown a strong interest in these test benches, which represent the most technologically advanced solutions on the market. The development potential of this region is no longer any doubt.

  • ICE TEAM & INTITEK-TMA : A new ambitious partnership on the Romanian market

    Article partenariat ICETEAM ld

    The year 2016 starts strong with a new partnership agreement that was reached between INTITEK-TMA and the company ICE TEAM. This new key player in the Romanian automotive Aftermarket represents the future of car repair with its innovative methods and concepts and its franchise network that develops on its entire territory.

    Working meetings with ICE TEAM, in January 2016, At the TMA and INTITEK group's headquarters gave the opportunity to finalize this agreement and certify ICE-TEAM as an official distributor, after a thorough technical training on the test benches ONYX and TITANE.

    In addition to hosting the distribution of TMA benches on the Romanian market, with sales already under their belt, ICE TEAM is also positioning itself as a partner of Intitek for IT development on the part of the engineering services we offer. 

Our clients testimonies

  • USA – Starter & Alternator Rebuilder – December 2014

    "We purchased the new TITANE to test our renovated starters and alternators at the end of the production line. The power of this bench, the ease of use, and its capacity to test alternators with the most recent COM regulators makes it an ideal solution. The responsiveness of the technical support team in Canada makes our experience even better "

  • Czech Republic – Test equipment distributor – December 2014

    "The ONYX TEST BENCH interests our clients because of its developed database and its capacity to perform complete tests on all the alternators in the market with a shocking simplicity. The TITANE is a high end tester that perfectly replaces the old alternator test benches at our clients’ rebuilding and auto electric workshops. Those machines are critical to rotating electrical professionals."

  • France – Distribution Network – October 2014

    "The Onyx test bench we received in June 2014 is a perfect solution to manage all warranty return testing. We were previously equipped with the OPAL test bench that worked well but has not been able to adapt to the new alternators on the market and was therefore deemed obsolete. The ONYX brought us an increased credibility with regards to our clients, as well as expertise on the latest alternators. The user friendly interface and its impressive database allows anyone in our staff to run the machine. "

  • Spain – Auto electrician – January 2015


    « The ONYX test bench is a complimentary tool to our old Bosch test bench. Its simplicity and capacity to test the alternators with the latest regulators allows us to repair all alternators on the market. We can also print a ticket of the test result and give it to our customers, they do appreciate it. “

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