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TMA : A few words...

Based on its 30 years experience and its large industrial skills, TMA has developed, manufactured and marketed automatic test benches for 12/24V alternators & starters since 2008. These test equipments, equipped with the next generation technology, offer a complete, reliable and innovative solution to automotive industry professionals :

  • Manufacturers and remanufacturers
  • Spare parts wholesalers / distributors
  • Automotive electricians
  • Car workhshop
  • Training organizations

Integrated in the group INTITEK, TMA is entered a broad R&D program in order to develop their products at the same time as the market, and in response to the customers need.


  • INTITEK for Manufacturing will present its innovations during the Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition

    The INTITEK-TMA team is ready to meet you at booth F62, HALL 4.1 next week during the Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition.

    Come discover our new automated test bench for Starters, the DRAGON Tester !

    We are eager to show you the innovative technology of our Alternator & Starter Test benches ONYX, TITANE & DRAGON, and how we are leading the future of alternator and starter testing.

    Special discount will be offered on the exhibition !

    Please contact Guillaume ROSSI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to book an appointment with us for private & personal one on one Demos and meetings at booth F62.

  • Banniere changemenet TMA INTITEK for Manufacturing


    TMA has been a part of INTITEK Group since 2011, resulting in various evolutions on its range of alternators and starters testing machines thanks to INTITEK’s R&D center “Inti-novation”. Since then, INTITEK doubled its workforce up to 800 engineers and triple its turnover over the past 6 years.

    In 2018, INTITEK Group has charted a strategic turning point in its business organization to accelerate the transformation towards the digital economy : the HAPPY DIGITAL WORLD is born. Within this organization, TMA company becomes definitely integrated into the new branch INTITEK FOR MANUFACTURING which is specialized in electronics and electrical integrated solutions for the Industry.

    Thanks to this change, ONYX, TITANE and DRAGON testing machines are destined for a long-term future !



    For the third time, INTITEK TMA has attended the largest automotive tradeshow AUTOMECHANIKA in Shanghai.

    With a record-breaking audience on its booth, TMA testing machines are definitively emerging as the new modern solutions to support the Chinese manufacturers and remanufacturers for alternators and starters.


  • Salon EquipAuto TMA 2017Equip Auto – TMA as closer as possible to its customers

    The Equip Auto 2017 exhibition is over ! We would like to thank all our customers : Distributors of spare parts, Networks, Parts manufacturers, Electrician or Remanufacturers for their visit and their interest.

    5 days of meetings, sharing and conviviality around our testing machines for alternators and starters : ONYX, TITANE, DRAGON

    Several framework contracts realized and several sales done : see you in 2019 !


Our clients testimonies

  • FRANCE - Eric, Electrician for 30 years - 2016

    Eric electricien auto

    «We have bought this machine for a year. It can checks alternators and starters very quickly. Anomalies (leakage current, regulation...) are detected precisely and immediately after the test start, so I can fix it in the wake of the test. The strong point of the ONYX is that it is adapted to the new technologies, such as CPU control protocol. We could'nt test this kind of new generation alternators before using this testing machine. Now I use the ONYX every day. My repairs are under warranty, and a ticket report is edited with all measured values, justifying the smooth running of the unit. For my company, this professional tool is now essential ! »

  • USA – Starter & Alternator Rebuilder – December 2014

    "We purchased the new TITANE to test our renovated starters and alternators at the end of the production line. The power of this bench, the ease of use, and its capacity to test alternators with the most recent COM regulators makes it an ideal solution. The responsiveness of the technical support team in Canada makes our experience even better "

  • Czech Republic – Test equipment distributor – December 2014

    "The ONYX TEST BENCH interests our clients because of its developed database and its capacity to perform complete tests on all the alternators in the market with a shocking simplicity. The TITANE is a high end tester that perfectly replaces the old alternator test benches at our clients’ rebuilding and auto electric workshops. Those machines are critical to rotating electrical professionals."

  • France – Distribution Network – October 2014

    "The Onyx test bench we received in June 2014 is a perfect solution to manage all warranty return testing. We were previously equipped with the OPAL test bench that worked well but has not been able to adapt to the new alternators on the market and was therefore deemed obsolete. The ONYX brought us an increased credibility with regards to our clients, as well as expertise on the latest alternators. The user friendly interface and its impressive database allows anyone in our staff to run the machine. "

  • Spain – Auto electrician – January 2015


    « The ONYX test bench is a complimentary tool to our old Bosch test bench. Its simplicity and capacity to test the alternators with the latest regulators allows us to repair all alternators on the market. We can also print a ticket of the test result and give it to our customers, they do appreciate it. “

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